1. Surprise is the name of American cities:

  • Surprise, Arizona
  • Surprise, Nebraska

2. It is also the name of an album:

  • Surprise (album)

3. As well as a word; uses of the word "surprise":

  • Emotion:
    An unexpected presentation of a gift or good news; also one may expect to receive a gift, but does not know what: it is kept secret, because it is a surprise.
  • Ambush or surprise attack:
    assault that is not expected by the victim, giving the attacker the advantage that no defense has been prepared, or that there is less alertness in applying the defense; thus it is essential to keep a plan for such an assault secret. Examples are the Attack on Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack;

4. Kinder Surprise (confectionery with toy)