Psychology softwares

Affect 4.0:

affect 4.0

This is the free software package designed to conduct psychological experiments. You no need to do specific programming with this software. The experiments can be done by button-wise through an intuitive user interface.

Affect makes it easier for experimenters to define randomizations, timings, and output of experiments that consist of many identical and independent trials.

The main goal of Affect is not to provide a programming language or a complex authoring studio oriented towards complex experiments. Instead, Affect is born out of a need for software that makes it easier for experimenters to define randomisations, timings, and output of experiments that consist of many identical and independent trials.

As such, the major advantage of Affect is the ease with which one can define semi-randomisations (a lot of similar programming shells miss this possibility) and quickly create trial pools from stimulus sets.

Clinical record keeper:


This software is easy and efficient to maintain yhe record of the persons who under go treatments. It is created by Charles M. Stewart, M.D. Designed for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Clinicians. Use simple techniques, a good program, and watch your efficiency skyrocket. Put some time and energy back into your day!

Record keeping can be an enormous drain on your energy.

  • Modern practice is hard enough without the inefficiencies of paper charts and it takes a lot of time to create and use them.
  • You need to decrease your stress and have energy for the rest of your life.



FLXLab is a software program for conduct computer-based experiments in psychology and related fields. It can present stimuli in the type of graphics, text, or sound, and can record responses to those stimuli. Its is moreover manual or verbal.

FLXLab is a free software program for running psychology experiments. Capabilities include presenting text and graphics, playing and recording sounds, and recording reaction times via the keyboard, joystick/button box, or a voice key.



Inquisit creates custom questionnaires, reaction time tasks, signal detection tests, attitude measures, and experiments in cognition and perception. It is currently being used within over 400 research institutions across 5 continents.