Yacht chartering is the practice of chartering a sailing or motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. This is usually a vacation activity.It explores the wonders of Alaska,Caribbean etc. which makes you fulfill all your expectations.

Yachts for charter usually with respective guests to demonstrate that they have a qualified skipper and at least one competent crew member. If the guests cannot provide their own skipper ,our company will supply one for an additional fee. Which is generally known as a "skippered" or "crewed" charter.

As well as the flexibility it offers can also be surprisingly excellent value for money, often working out cheaper than booking hotel rooms, especially if there are a good number of people going on holiday together.

There are two types of yachts:-

  1. Monohull:

    Monohull Yacht is a type of boat with only one hull or body of the ship. They are fitted with an adjustable keel below the waterline to counterbalance the over6urning force of wind on the vessel's sails. Catamaran is an example of this type of vessel.

  2. Multihull:

    Multihull Yachts has two or more hulls separated from each other providing a stable base that obstructs overturning. The extra hulls provide stability holding the vessel upright against the force of the wind on the sails.

Multihulls' width is often an issue, especially when docking. They are also more expensive to produce than a monohull of the same length. If a storm or wave capsizes a small monohull, it may recover, if it does not broach and sink. The rigging will probably be severely damaged, but the crew will be able to jury-rig and reach a port. Multihulls can capsize but they rarely sink. Even most rescued crews especially in races that have reported that they were unable to dismount the deck-mounted liferaft or emergency radio from the mass of broken, submerged rigging under the capsized craft.