Bio Psychology

Psychobiology is a branch of psychology and it is one of the concepts of psychology which helps in the study of mental functions in relation to other biological processes. It may also be defined as the effects of cognition, emotions and the knowledge of animal physiology. Psychobiology also studies the biological behavior and the mental processes.

Psychobiology is the field is the combination of psychology and the neuroscience. Many psychology programs are under going in the alternate names which includes biopsychology, physiological psychology, behavioral neuroscience and psychobiology.

This also includes evolutionary and comparative psychology. If u want to know completely the field of biopsychology it is important to understand the biological processes, anatomy and physiology.


Psychoactive drug use recorded history. Hunter-gatherer societies are being likely to favor hallucinogenic drugs, and they can be seen in many tribal cultures. The use of drugs depends on the particular ecosystem they depend to live. The drug includes various hallucinogenic mushrooms, cacti along with many other plants. The societies normally attach spiritual significance with drug use and added the religious practices.

Physiological psychology is sometimes related to psychiatry. But this not universally accepted since official jargon, but the concept behind this is very clear and precise. Psychophysiology is the science between psychology and physiology.