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About Psychology

Psychology is derived from a Greek word which means the study of mind and body. It is the discipline which involves the systematic and scientific study of human and animals mind function and the behavior. It also includes in addition to scientific method such as symbolic interpretation, motivation, behavior and interpersonal relationship.

History of Psychology

The Word Psychology is dated during the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, India, Persia, and Greece. Many physicians and Muslim psychologists started to adopt clinical and experimental approaches in Psychology. They began to build psychiatric hospital for this purpose.


Psychoanalysis was developed by Sigmund Freud, Austrian physician by using the method of psychotherapy. He understood that the mind work on interpretive methods such as introspection and clinical observation. His theories covered sexuality, repression and the unconscious mind which became very popular. Those Freud's subjects was considered as taboo subject those days.

Psychology types

The main aim of psychology is to relate the mind and body in every actions of our life. Such study of psychology has been divided into categories which are the types of psychology. Some of the psychology details may overlaps each other. Such as school psychology will say about the children and care about psychological disorder. On the other side the Clinical psychology is involved along with school psychology in therapy.

When we look over the Experimental psychology it is one of the sciences related to natural and includes the experimental methods. Experimental psychologist has expanded their views further and gave their thought that experimentation is suspect. The case studies and the experimental methods have been used in other psychology namely clinical psychology and developmental psychology


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